800 Ethospace Stations Purchase

December 2013.... We're were awarded a liquidation project of 800+ Ethospace Stations from a software company in the NW. The product will be brought back to the warehouse for remanufacturing. 

We can rebuild typicals in 6x6,6x8, 8x8 sizes with varied heights of 54" and 70"H. Each station includes B/F Mobile Pedestals, 2 Drawer Lateral, Overhead and Light. Up to 100 stations have a Sit/Stand bases. 

These stations will be offered with 2 fabric options, 2 paint, and 3 laminates for Quick Ship options.

Pricing for these stations will range from $625- $825 / station depending on typical size and height. Prices include new fabric, paint, and laminate. Minimum order will be 8 stations. Shipping cost will be extra. 

Here's an example listed below of an 8x6 typical. Price with glass and 2 overheads for 8x6 or 6x8 typical will be $825 / station. Price will adjusted based on components required. 


Posted on January 14, 2014 and filed under Ethospace, Glass tiles, liquidation.