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Let's Get Started...Connect the DOTS

Do you remember playing Connect 4? It's always great when everything lines up and you win! Coordination, Timing, and Focus helps the process. That's our commitment  to help line up your next furniture project. Here's how out it flows. 

1. Deals and Design with your Space in Mind

2. Options of Preowned Products and Services

Chose from our library of ReWork typicals from call center to private office workstations. 

3. Typical Sizes Workstation for your Team(s)

Closed and private to open and collaborative every team is unique and your space reflect your work.  

4. Space Planning to fit your new place. 

Send your project details and / or floor plan that will get us started connecting the DOTS. Send your project details to 

Preowned Office Furniture Solutions Nationwide

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800 Ethospace Stations Purchase

December 2013.... We're were awarded a liquidation project of 800+ Ethospace Stations from a software company in the NW. The product will be brought back to the warehouse for remanufacturing. 

We can rebuild typicals in 6x6,6x8, 8x8 sizes with varied heights of 54" and 70"H. Each station includes B/F Mobile Pedestals, 2 Drawer Lateral, Overhead and Light. Up to 100 stations have a Sit/Stand bases. 

These stations will be offered with 2 fabric options, 2 paint, and 3 laminates for Quick Ship options.

Pricing for these stations will range from $625- $825 / station depending on typical size and height. Prices include new fabric, paint, and laminate. Minimum order will be 8 stations. Shipping cost will be extra. 

Here's an example listed below of an 8x6 typical. Price with glass and 2 overheads for 8x6 or 6x8 typical will be $825 / station. Price will adjusted based on components required. 


Posted on January 14, 2014 and filed under Ethospace, Glass tiles, liquidation.

ReDesign... Product Perception

Today’s office trends value a minimalist look and feel yet a collaborative environment for open workspace. Most previously owned inventories available will not reflect these new trends. Beware of 1st impressions on previously owned furniture. Traditionally, older workstation are a larger typical footprint, private workspace, and darkened with tall panels that shade natural light. We’ve all seen these closed environments and might still be working in one… Look first at age and finishes then look at product potential for redesign.

Today’s Product Perception comes from a recent project we completed…. Furniture from a California High Tech company ReDesigned for a Colorado High Tech company reflecting the new trends. Here’s the before and after… Same furniture… ReDesigned



70" H 8x8 Full Height Stations ReDesigned to 54″H 6x8 Open Panel with Glass

Private to Collaborative


Same Finishes with a redesign of layout to meet the space needs by modifying panel height from 70″ to 54″. Rework from 8×8 Private to 6×8 Seated Privacy open environment with glass that reflects the natural light.


Posted on December 12, 2013 .