Here's an example of a Ethospace Blended possibility! 

It's a sustainable, 'green', and really good looking! Every frame has glass tiles to reflect the light and create sound privacy with 62"H frames. It's an open and collaborative 8x8 typical footprint for plenty of space and functionality. The client selected a proprietary Herman Miller fabric Crossing Bark. This option gives the dealer the ability to service continuing product needs. The Wilson Art laminate Studio Teak reflect 'green' values and maintains a warmth in the office. 

What a great project to launch into 2014. 64 8x8 ReWork 'refurbished' Ethospace Worktations. 

If you've like to explore a ReWork or ReSpace options send your project profile and/or floorplan to


ETHO 62%22H 8x8 with Glass Flyer.jpg
ETHO 62%22H 8x8 with Glass Typical.jpg